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    Future Knight Application Portal

    Undergraduate Application Completion Deadlines:

    FallMay 1FallJuly 1FallMarch 1
    SpringNovember 1SpringNovember 1SpringSeptember 1
    SummerMarch 1SummerMarch 1SummerJanuary 1

    New User:

    • If you have previously submitted a Common App to UCF, do not begin a new institutional application.  Doing so will cause a delay in the processing of your application.
    • You may only have one (1) unsubmitted application at a time. If you start an application, but do not submit it, then create another application, the unsubmitted application will be removed. 
    • To begin your application for admission, click "Create Application" below.

    Returning User:

    • Submission Status:  The submission status of your application(s) for admission is listed below.
      • Applications marked "In Progress" have not been submitted to UCF.
      • Applications marked "Submitted" have been submitted, but MAY be awaiting payment or materials
      • NOTE: You may only have one(1) active application on file at a time.  While multiple applications for different terms may appear below, only the application submitted most recently is being considered for admission.
    • Application Status: To check the status of your most recent submitted application, click on the application link and press the "Open Application" button, then click "Status Page" on the left-hand navigation column.
    • Changes to a submitted application:

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